Steam Rooms

beauport_place_011.jpgSteam rooms create very good respiratory conditions with a humidity level at 100%. People with coughs and lung problems sometimes use a steam room to soothe their respiratory systems.

Steam rooms hydrate your skin, great for people with dry skin.  Users of steam rooms also benefit from an increase in circulation to the surface of the skin, which can be a pleasant sensation, and has proven benefits for cardiovascular health. There are reports that regular use will promote a healthy deep sleep. Where once Steam rooms were viewed as mysterious and of eastern origin only, they are now popular wellness products to be installed into the family home.

Steam rooms can either be a completely bespoke design, having the ability to be able to be constructed in any area, or are purchased pre-built as pod systems.

Jacuzzi SASHA

beauport-place-002.jpgDirect from Jacuzzi, and totally exclusive to Florida Pools & Spas, is the ultimate in steam and sauna, the SASHA range

The concept of the SASHA range was inspired by the will to create a product of the highest quality, impeccably Italian designed, and at the forefront of the well-being market. SASHA will transform your home into your own personnel retreat. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Bespoke Steam Rooms

At Florida Pools & Spas we have an extensive history of building bespoke steam room for our clients. These are fully designed and specified in house, usually finished with glass tiles and incorporate LED light technology, media systems, heated custom seating and aromatherapy units.