Where once saunas where only seen in exclusive Hotels, the multi health benefits saunas usage contributes to the body along with modern lifestyle demands, means they are now an essential part of an overall lifestyle package. 

Florida pools is the sole supplier of the SASHA range of Jacuzzi wellness units,  



The Best part of your Day

A new way of enjoying wellness

Sasha is a wellness oasis, A Sauna, an Emotional Shower and a Hamman in just one unique space, designed by renowned architect and designer Alberto Apostoli combining the skill and technology of JACUZZI®™

2 different models to meet any space, style and functionality requirement:

 SASHA2.0 and SASHA Mi

The Sasha range integrates a luxury shower cabin, steam room and sauna designed for any space, style or functionality, from the largest to the smallest room, in your home.

This all in one spa experience with ten possible combinations of steam shower cabins, steam showers and saunas you can have the spa experience without even leaving home.

The Sasha range also offers flexibility within each element; there are three choices of sauna to suit your needs - Finnish, Roman & Bio. Whilst the shower and steam room also offer different settings to give you more choice. Chromodream® Lighting and Bluetooth technology are the finishing touches to make this the most relaxing of environments you could possible imagine.

Jacuzzi SASHA

Direct from Jacuzzi, and totally exclusive to Florida Pools & Spas, is the ultimate in steam and saunas, the SASHA range

The concept of the SASHA range was inspired by the will to create a product of the highest quality, impeccably Italian designed and at the forefront of the well-being market. SASHA will transform your home into your own personnel retreat. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 


The timeless charm of Corian™, an extraordinary  unalterable material that is more resistant to water and to high temperatures, customizes the hammam’s frame and space to ensure you long lasting quality with the Sasha 2.0.

This sauna, steam room and shower combination is the luxury spa for your home. This most relaxing of environments is the ideal way to get away from it all and rejuvenate, ready for the next day ahead.


Sasha-Mi is the two-module version composed of a bathroom sauna and a hammam + emotional shower combo; a precious treasure box made of wood, tempered glass and steel that is ideal for an urban context. The intelligent and ergonomic design, combined with technology by Jacuzzi®, achieves a formal and functional synthesis that offers all the benefits of a real wellness centre in a really compact size: 260x120x225cm.