Free Form Pool

Free Form Pool


This unusually shaped mosaic tiled swimming pool was part of a multi million pound total renovation of the site. Collaborating with the designer, and working to an exact brief from the client, the finished freeform shape blended beautifully with the surrounding landscaping. This project was completed within the agreed timeframe using the most energy efficient and environmentally – friendly products. As the client requested that a cover should not be employed, Florida Pools and Spas had to source an effective heat saving product suitable for this pool.


Florida Pools & Spas was engaged by a client who wished to employ a company who had the experience, desire and expertise to turn his design into a reality.

As with all projects, the work required was completed in house by the Florida team.

Work began on the pool with the main consideration being the scale of the pool, it is twice the size of your average family pool measuring approximately 14m x 17m.Bespoke internal entry steps were formed together with a 5m long curved underwater seat. Six LED multi-colour changing pool lights were fitted. The pool was tiled in a classic glass mid blue mosaic with a white mosaic tile used for highlighting.

The pool plant room was sympathetically landscaped within the overall design. Located inside the plant room was a natural Aligator water purification units, energy efficient operating pumps, water filters. The pool heating requirements are first met by energy efficient solar panels before the pool water passes through a supplementary air source heat pump for summer use and a boiler for backup for the off season heating demand. All of these heating sources make full use of the revolutionary Heatsavr unit fitted.

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Key Points:

Using Florida Pools & Spas exclusive sole agencies the following key products were employed to achieve the clients brief

  • WaterCo circulating pumps
  • Blue glass mosaic and white glass mosaics used for highlighting
  • WaterCo Air Source Heat Pump
  • Savi note LED multi-colour changing pool lights
  • Aligator purification unit
  • Heatsavr unit
  • Twin filtration pump system
  • Solar heat exchanger
  • Oil fired heater
  • Nitro pool cleaner