One piece pool Tiles stone 

The Tilestone Pool is Florida Pools’ latest offering, giving you the luxury of a tiled pool in a fraction of the time.

Made from reinforced GRP, with a 50mm high-density PU foam and steel carbon framework, the Tilestone comes ready-made to fit directly into your previously excavated and prepared hole – a 100mm concrete sub-base with drained is required. We then lower the pool in by crane, level and back-fill it so it is ready for tiling with a specialist epoxy adhesive – either standard 25mm mosaic or large format 600 x 300 tiles can be applied.

The delivered Tilestone shell is performed with all necessary shell fittings such as pool lighting and inlets, and depending on your location will come in one or two pieces, which when put assembled will be comparable to the strength of a gunite concrete structure. A wide range of standard sizes is available to choose from, although a custom build surface is offered for more particular requirements.

The construction of Tilestone pools is 100% waterproof, with no structural leaks, and will not corrode over time like steel or RC. The flexibility of these fiberglass pools – compared to concrete – allows for greater resistance against thermal or physical stresses, and structural failure is virtually unheard of. Each pool is perfectly constructed in factory controlled conditions to create a higher level of quality and consistency than found in gunite on-site construction.


  • No delays caused by bad weather
  • No delays in building
  • No pool fittings need to be installed on-site
  • No reliance on sub-contractors
  • No structural leaks – 100% watertight
  • 75% faster construction time compared to concrete construction
  • Available in two-piece option
  • Fully insulated to BS Standards and in compliance with Part L
  • Free-standing
  • Non-staining
  • Skimmer, Deck Overflow & Infinity Edge pools catered for
  • An expected minimum service life of 25 years